Monday, June 21, 2010


What's going on here with the Barton family??  One word...


Our house is a total mess while we've been getting rid of clutter and packing boxes galore, all with the help of my sweet 3-yr-old "slave-driver", who insists that all of the packing be done today!  {I think Daddy must have put her up to that one...just kidding}

My brain is a total mess as I've been juggling to keep all of our "ducks in a row" with the two upcoming house closings, moving, transferring everything, and maintaining the normal routines, as well.

My kids are a total mess {but not in the dirty sense, at least that I'm aware of} - overly excited about seeing their Pawpaw Tim this weekend, Mimi next week, and lots of fun adventures and changes after the 4th of July.

My point, you ask? 

With our current     MESS please understand that our beloved family blog, photography blog, twitter, facebook, and anything else you use to keep up with us will be severely neglected over the next couple of weeks.  I'll do my best to keep you updated at least a little bit, but know that all of the silence will return to you full-fold, as soon as I get our computer hooked up at our new house {which is most definitely first on my "move-in" list of to-do's}.