Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our New Home

Due to having no internet, it's taken me a while to get pictures up of our new home.  I've been asked for them several times now, so thanks to kind neighbors, I've uploaded some of the inside of the house for you to see (the outside will have to wait)...

Austin's "big boy" room

Katie's "purple" room

The kids' bathroom

Our room (does it look familiar? we repainted identical to our
Mobile room since we loved it so much...we just have LOTS more room!)

Part of the Master Bath

Our "office/homeschool/storage" room
(for now...who knows what it will be later)

Dining Room/Kitchen

Living Room
(excuse the toys and odd things sitting around...we do live here now ;-) hehe)

We have done a LOT of unpacking, reorganizing, and adjusting over the last 2 weeks.  We now have practically all of the boxes unpacked, a large section of the garage dedicated to yard/consignment sales next month, and all but the normal "little to-do's" left to be completely settled.  Obviously, right now our biggest challenge is finding the right internet provider, since no one seems to be able to service our home (though they are servicing all of our neighbors - but don't get me on that soap box).  We're working DAILY to try to restore our internet, trust me when I say that.  I miss emailing and blogging as much as (if not more) than you miss reading it!

Austin has transitioned well here so far.  I was a little concerned as to how he would do, since we were also changing his bed into a toddler bed when we moved.  But he loves his big boy bed, and he only gets up after he calls me (so we have no night mischief as of yet).  He loves seeing all of the "vroom vrooms" that are near our house - tractors of all kinds, 4-wheelers, name it!  His vocabulary is really taking off now.  There have been several occasions that I thought Katie was talking, when really, it was him!  I caught him singing a made-up song today all about Nana, Pawpaw, and Mimi, and how he loves them.  It was so sweet. 

Katie is adjusting well, too.  She loves her new purple room and "big bed just like my best friend Elizabeth" (to quote her).  She misses her friends, family, and church family and talks about them daily.  But she is doing a great job of meeting new friends often!  She has really enjoyed the children's ministries at the church we've been visiting, as well as library fun days, waterpark days with Mimi and Aunt Megan, park days with Aunt Heather and Sydney, and visiting time with my family.  We just started "reviewing" last year's school progress to get her ready to start school in the next month or so.  We are also joining the local homeschool co-op program here, so beginning in September, she will be joining other homeschool children in 3 different classes each Friday from 9-12, and she is VERY excited about that (as am I!).  She's learning all about "pen pals" and has been coloring pictures almost daily for all of her friends, so if you haven't received one probably will...and if you have time to send her a note back, that would just make her day :-)

All in all, we're fairly settled.  There are still little details to work out, etc., but we're excited about what God is going to do with us here.  We know He has a plan for us, and are willing to go where He leads.  We miss everyone and are looking forward to seeing you all again {very} soon, as we will be there to celebrate Austin's 2nd birthday (along with Mark and Teresa's) around Labor Day.  More details to come about his party plans, so stay tuned :-)  Until then...pray for INTERNET! ;-)