Friday, July 30, 2010


Lately, Austin has been completely obsessed with "Vroom Vrooms", as he calls it...which really means anything that has wheels and moves...most especially, tractors, 18-wheelers, trains, and lawn mowers.  So, it was easy to decide what to do for his birthday pictures this year!  We took a little trip to visit Mawmaw and Papaw Flannagin, and all of their big vroom vrooms.  :-)

I'm not going to spoil the secret and show you my favorite birthday picture (you'll see it soon, I promise), but I will let you see a few pictures of the fun Austin and Katie had with Pawpaw's tractors...

Austin - posing with a nice "cheeessseee" ;-)

Sitting on the tractor wasn't enough, so Pawpaw let both kids have a turn driving the tractor all by themselves...and they LOVED it!

And they also talked Pawpaw into playing with the "really big" tractor.
*Take note of Katie's LONG hair here...I'll be posting about her 1st haircut soon!*

A few quick poses from the kids...the love to climb ;-)

One last climb, before I made the kids cool off inside - and I snapped this adorable picture of them together.  I didn't realize just how similar they looked until I saw this one!

It was hot, even early in the morning, but the kids had a great time and are already begging to go back.  I'm sure we'll be spending plenty of days out at Pawpaw's farm ;-)