Monday, August 23, 2010

My Boy & His Tractor

My sweet, no-so-little boy loves his tractors!  And though he doesn't have a tractor to drive {unless he's at Pawpaw's house}, he makes do with his little tractors just fine...he even dresses up with a nice tie when he's ready for tractor-time!  Can't say that I know many farmers that go all out like that, can you? ;-)

And those bright hazel eyes can just melt your heart...

But not quite enough to talk me into getting him a real tractor, so I'm glad he can enjoy his TONKA tractor from Uncle Myles and {future} Aunt Angela!  It's been a lifesaver!!

My sweet almost 2-yr-old boy

We won't mention that he's driving his tractor backwards...he hasn't seemed to care.

And I certainly wouldn't want to break the heart of this sweet one, especially over something like that.  Maybe he'll have better backward driving later on than Mommy does ;-)

Ride on, little man!  It's fun to see you and your love for tractors, trucks, trains, and any other "vroom vroom" grow more and more.