Monday, August 2, 2010

Not Me! Monday

It has not been entirely too long since my last "Not Me!" Monday post!

I am not {still} trying to work out our lovely internet woes...I can't get anyone to make any progress at all.  But we may possibly be able to share with our nice neighbor until something happens with ATT or Charter or some other miracle company I don't know of...

Katie did not "officially" start her new kindergarten homeschool curriculum today.  We're doing "My Father's World", and it is awesome!  We're taking this month for reviews and introductions, so we'll be ready to start her first lesson in September, along with her Friday co-op classes.

Speaking of co-op classes, we did not decide to sign Katie up for Art, Hands on Science, and Can't Sit Still for this year's 1/2 day co-op classes.  She is so excited about her classes!

Katie did not enjoy going to Family Baptist Church's Backyard Bible Club this last week with my Mom.  She came home tired and sweaty every night, but wouldn't miss a night!  Austin, however, wasn't so keen on Katie's departures without him...poor guy didn't know how to have fun without her.

Austin is not cutting 4 more teeth right now...thankfully it isn't making him as cranky as his last molars did.

Katie has not found a new favorite outside adventure at our house...and it has left her flip-flops with a perfect POINT at the top.  Can you imagine what she's doing?  If not, you'll have to wait for my upcoming video this week, because words don't describe it...Let's just leave it by saying, she must ALWAYS wear a helmet! :-)  And, so must Austin...since he follows her crazy fun.

Austin's vocabulary is not really taking off.  He's actually trying to copy pretty much everything you say now, and he's doing a good job.  His newest thing to say is "mmm...Tasty! (not sure where he picked that up).

We are not still praying for God's direction in which church we should join.  I for one am not good at being a visitor...I'm ready to be involved.  But we also don't want to rush in and not be where God wants us to be.  But the kids have done great wherever we've visited, which has been an answer to prayer already!

Do not check back throughout the week for more updates and pictures!