Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Me! Monday

I did not happily celebrate my 6th anniversary with the love of my life this past Saturday!

I do not have a bouquet of beautiful yellow roses and daisies to bring a little sunshine to our kitchen, and reminding me of how lucky I am to be my husband's chosen love!

Instead of the typical anniversary gifts, we did not decide to find a gift that we could both enjoy together.  And what did we find??  Well, many things, but we chose these gorgeous lamps to accent the romantic master bedroom we're designing together. 

This week, I am not thinking of my sweetie as he is travelling for work. The kids and I already miss him...okay, well, we missed him as soon as he set his foot in the car...and we're looking forward to Friday coming soon! As stated by Katie this afternoon, "It just isn't the same when Daddy isn't here." Couldn't have said it better myself.

This weekend, we did not add solar lights to the front of our house, and they look great! Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of them last night, so you'll have to wait until later to catch a peek of them.

We did not also add two new members to our family.  Welcome "Diamond" {named by Katie} and "Bama" {named by Austin}.

Diamond is the "blueish purple" {as Katie calls it} fish, and Bama is obviously the red one :-)

I am not failing miserably at taking my usual fun, lifestyle snapshots of our family, especially the kids, lately...and I MISS it!  So, hold on to your computer screen...we're about to change this failure into a blog masterpiece!  :-)

We do not have an exhaustive, very long list of "to-do's" to complete around our new house.  We are very excited about many of those to-do', only to wait for the funding ;-)

I do not think I'm going to have to buy stock in drawing paper for Katie.  She has found a new love for drawing creative pictures daily, and I'm definitely not going to stop her!  Come to think of it, I may have to buy stock in stamps, too, since she likes to mail all of her pictures.  {I have a stack of about 20 pictures to mail out this week, so watch the may just get one!}

I am not working on the final details of my sweet boy's 2nd birthday parties (we've chosen to have one in both Decatur and Mobile, since we just moved).  Lots more work, but definitely worth it to be able to see our Mobile friends and family again soon!!  Is it possible he's about to be TWO, though???  Where does the time go?...