Monday, August 30, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

I did not change my mind about writing a "not me" post this week, while on our mini vacation, just because of my kids.

I have not decided that there are two phrases that I remind myself almost daily now (since Austin is definitely not beginning his terrible twos and Katie still has not found her way out of the trying threes!)... "This to shall pass" and "I'm gonna miss this"

I am not still trying to convince myself of that second quote...

I did not hear Katie having trouble flushing the toilet a moment ago, so I go to check.  She was not trying to flush a toilet with a full, rolled up diaper stuck in it...and because she didn't put it there, she wasn't going to tell me about it.

My innocent little boy did not, obviously, throw his diaper in the toilet instead of the garbage can earlier today.  I think I'll have to watch his "garbage" runs a little more carefully...or I may find who-knows-what in the toilet!

I did not catch a glimpse of my little girl trying to kiss a little boy at church...whom, by the way, she had met only an hour or so earlier...I think we're going to have to lock her up tight as she gets older!

We are not excited to be able to start celebrating my son's 2nd birthday (a little late) this weekend, and then again next week when we return home.  It's been a crazy weekend, but we're enjoying our time here with Nana, Pawpaw, family, and friends!

I am not ending a "not me" post without pictures because they're all at home, and I'm not!  But fear not...I'll be back to posting birthday pictures when we return next week :-)