Monday, September 13, 2010

Austin's 2nd Birthday Party

As most of you know, our sweet Grandma E passed away on Austin's 2nd Birthday.  It was one of those bitter-sweet days for our family.  So, of course, Austin's birthday and party was put on hold for a while, and thankfully, he didn't even notice!

We were able to spend a nice amount of time with our Mobile friends and family during the week following Austin's birthday, which was great!  And in that time, we had Austin's 2nd Birthday Party with our friends and family. 

Since Austin adores any kind of "vroom vroom", we let him choose his theme, and he chose Disney "Cars", or as he calls it "QUEEEN!!!" ;-)

Austin had so much fun blowing out the candles this year, but even more than that, he loved singing "Happy Birthday" to himself along with everyone else.  It was so cute!

And, he found very creative ways of enjoying his delicious cake...SEE??

We all had lots of fun celebrating his birthday with our Mobile family and friends, and were so thankful to be able to spend time with so many of them!

He is one well-loved little boy...blessed to have so many dear family and friends to help make his birthday extra special, just like him.  :-)