Thursday, September 16, 2010

Austin's Birthday Party, Take 2

When we made it back home after the Labor Day holidays, we had lots of family that didn't get to see Austin and celebrate his birthday with him, so of course we obliged and celebrated again with cake, candles, and fun.

After my begging and pleading After my comment about having so much birthday-type cake in Mobile, my grandma volunteered to make her famous peanut butter cake for Austin's party, and I heard no complaints! ;-)

Austin continued his birthday tradition this year by finding more creative ways to enjoy his cake...
But I can't blame him there...the peanut butter icing is definitely worth licking off and enjoying!

We attempted to have Austin open gifts, but past a quick look here or there, he and the other kids had better things to do...

Better things, like digging in the rocks and dirt!
We decided next year could just be a digging party!  They all enjoyed that more than anything else!

Well, almost more than anything else...Austin did find time to attach himself to a new pair of shoes from Aunt Heather & Uncle Kyle, which, by the way, are at least 2 sizes too big! 
Lots of fun times with our family, celebrating Austin's 2nd birthday!