Monday, September 13, 2010

Katie's First Day

Friday was Katie's first day of her kindergarten homeschool co-op classes with MHCS.  Katie is not truly in kindergarten, yet, but in the homeschool co-op, parents are able to put their children where they feel they should be for the classes.  Not bragging {too much, at least *grins*}, but Katie is much more on the kindergarten level than the preschool one.  So, we chose to let her join the other kindergarten children (mostly 4-6 yr olds) on Fridays. 

I didn't take my camera into classes on Friday, because I didn't want to be a hindrance to the teachers, but I did take a quick picture before she left for her first day of school.  She was so excited! 

This year, Katie's classes include:  Art (K-2nd grade class), Hands on Science (K), and Can't Sit Still (K).  And, after seeing her in her classes, I don't think either of us could pick a favorite...she loves them all!

In Art, Ms. Michele asked the children to draw a picture of a face complete with hair, eyes, nose, etc. when they arrived to class.  This is Katie's face:

Upon completion of their drawings, Ms. Michele asked them to turn over their pictures and told them she would be teaching them how to make a "right" (or correctly-proportional) face.  Katie watched and followed directions very carefully, and ended with this face:

I had a great time getting to watch the children make such progress with their pictures, and must say I was quite impressed with how well Katie did!  She even wrote her name by herself, which is newly-learned.  I think she's about to start begging for a new name, though...she gets so frustrated when she does her "K" and doesn't make it look like she thinks it should.  My little perfectionist... ;-) 

In Science, they got to watch live ants inside an ant habitat...see how the make tunnels, pick up sand and food, etc., and learned about several other well-known insects.  They colored, and also worked on making pictures of different insects by using blocks and patterns. 

And in Can't Sit Still, they didn't sit still!  They played learning games about the months of the year and days of the week through songs, and they had lots of silly time mixed in! 

I think she is doing a great job in her kindergarten classes and will have lots of fun over the next year!  We let her pick out her very own school backpack to take with her for snacks and papers, and she was thrilled!We're looking forward to seeing all of the progress our big girl makes, so look forward to seeing updates often of our homeschool journey.