Monday, September 20, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

I did not find my son running around the house diaper-less on many occasions, all while yelling that he needed to go potty...and he did potty every time!!  Maybe our pediatricians "prediction" of Austin not being potty-trained until 3 yrs 3 mths is a little could hope, right??

After his successful potty times, he did not insist on wearing big boy underwear the next day, and kept them dry by going on the big boy potty for several hours.  And, after our several hours in undies, I'm quite sure I am not ready to begin the potty-training stage officially yet! {He was not a little proud of his new undies and chose to pose for me...don't ask where he learned it, because I have NO idea!}

Due to my son's current interest in using the big boy potty, I did not find him enjoying a little "fun" in the bathroom while I was not looking...

And I am certainly not so frugal as to re-roll his mess, to be used as needed...

Our kids did not enjoy helping Pawpaw cut the hay in the field and count cows.  I think we have little farmers in the making...

I did not use Austin's naptime to finish planting {lots} flowers {thanks to Pawpaw Barton!} in my newest flower garden, while Katie watched me and a nice green frog from the deck.  After a few minutes of planting, I did not find Katie down in the dirt asking me for the frog.  When I explained that it should still be on the deck with her, she did not proceed to tell me that it should be in the grass below because she helped it jump down {which, by the way, is probably a good 7 ft jump}.  We did not then have to have a talk about how exactly is the right way to care for small creatures we find.  Here are our works (front and back yards) in progress... {couldn't find the poor frog to get a picture...}

Katie did not enjoy a little too much Wii time one day this much so, that she had to lay down to climb the vines, swim, and fly with Diego.  I decided to plug it back up and let her play while I did some major house-cleaning, and it worked, and also wore her out! ;-)