Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Late/Early Birthday Surprise

I don't know why it must take me so long to post videos...but despite my best intentions, it has happened again.  The kids were given a "joint" (a little late for Austin/a little early for Katie) birthday surprise from their aunt and uncle last month, and I promised to post a video of them on it.  They are just waking up from nap-time here, so they aren't as energetic as normal, but they absolutely love their surprise!  And, since this is near a month old now, Austin is learning to do a little more than donuts (but still doesn't watch where he's heading), and Katie has mastered the road (in the slowest gear, as Mommy refused to let them try the fastest at this point LOL). 

Without further rambling...the kids and their new Gator (AKA tractor if you ask the kids):