Monday, October 18, 2010

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

My son is not insisting that he is now a tree frog.  Apparently I am now a parent to a horse/unicorn and a tree frogWhat a combination!

Katie is not catching on to funny little sayings that we use for unknown know like "see you later, alligator" or "you silly willy!"  Well, she did not approve of the "silly willy" statement, because her name is not Willy.  She did, however, decide to modify, now we hear constantly "you silly tilly {whatever a tilly is}!"  Gotta love her ;-)

We did not hear, for the first time in her almost 4 years of life, Katie say "I don't want to talk now".  And, I'm sure that 30 seconds will be marked in history for our little chatterbox girl ;-)

I do not find myself laughing every time I leave the room {that the kids are in} to do something elsewhere and come back {sometimes only 1 minute later} to hear Austin yell at the top of his lungs, "Mommy, you're HOME!!!"  Yes, son, I'm home...I've been home for quiet a while.  {*grins*}  Apparently, he doesn't need any time away from Mommy at this age...he's perfectly fine with being permanently attached.  And, no, this isn't always my choice, but I figure the best way to get us through this attachment problem is to laugh and enjoy as much as possible.  "Mommy, you're HOME!!!" :-)

We did not take the kids to their very first movie theater experience this weekend, to see Toy Story 3.  Katie was in awe of the huge screen that is "as big as our living room!"  And, to our surprise, even Austin sat still through all but the last 20 minutes, when he decided to sit with Mommy.  Definitely a fun outing...especially since the movie was only $1!

Driving down the road this weekend, Mark pointed out a big "monster truck" to the kids, to which Katie did not quickly reply, "WOW.  That.  Is.  SO.  SOOO.  Big!"  We just stopped and laughed...for a split second there, I would have thought we had a teenager in our midst...but, alas, only our sweet little girl who seems to catch on to every tone, expression, and quote she hears.  World, beware...there are little ears hearing what you say and copying them every day!