Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

I am not posting my "not me!" Monday post on TUESDAY.  Technically it feels like Monday, though, since we were out of town until yesterday afternoon.  That counts for something, right? ;-)

I have not found myself turning 100 shades of red with several recent comments made by Katie…you know…those completely innocent but wayyy too honest comments kids are known for? A little embarrassing, to say the least! 

During class this last Friday, when asked to put on “listening ears”, Katie did not immediately respond, “I have my listening ears on, but can you wait a minute because I have to unzip them? Ziiiippppp. Okay, I’m ready now.”

I have not been trying very hard (and miserably failing) to maintain a “reasonable” to-do list that allows me more time with the kids and family, and less time stressing over things not done…but I’ve also found so many things that I love spending time on…why is it so hard to turn away good hobbies? LOL

I do not have less than a month until Katie turns 4! How is that even possible??

I also do not have approximately a month to teach Katie how to be the cutest, most precious flower girl for Uncle Myles’ wedding. She did not already find the perfect dress…perfect in her eyes because of how much it twirled. Aren’t little girls fun?? ;-)

Speaking of the wedding...I am not failing miserably at my work-out goal to be completed by the wedding!!  I have only one month to make some major improvements...must start today!

I’m not working on a quite word-y post for later this week about Austin's recent issues, that I hope someone out there can help me with…I’m at a loss of ideas to try!

Katie did not find a new love last night, thanks to Daddy...a LITE BRITE!

While reading the bedtime story last night, Austin did not somehow manage to get his knee and leg stuck in the slats of his headboard!  And his painful screaming because of it certainly did not send me into panic-mode, where I began frantically screaming for Mark, who was outside and couldn't hear me!  Praise the Lord we were able to remove his knee without too much trouble, and only a small bruise to show for it!!

What will this next week not hold? ;-)