Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our Little Cubbie & Puggle

I'm a little slow on getting these pictures up...SORRY! But as of a few weeks ago, once a week, we have a Cubbie & Puggle in our midst. And I don't know about you, but I think they are absolutely precious!

Katie has very much enjoyed her Cubbie class!  Last week was her 5th week, and they were able to go "shopping" with their earned Awana bucks.  Obviously Katie had been doing a great job with her verses, bringing her Bible each time, etc., because she came home with an arm-load of fun things!  It is so great to hear her saying so many verses.  Some weeks I think we've pushed her too hard learning her verses along with everything she does in school, but she always proves me wrong!  She's working hard to earn her patches for her Cubbie vest now, and we'll be posting about it when she does... :-)

Austin has had a little bit of trouble with going to class anywhere without Mommy.  We've been dealing with his separation anxiety and an extremely sensitive gag reflex a lot lately....but that's another post.  But he loves his Puggles class, and we love it, too!  He's learning about Creation right now, and he's learned many new songs that he loves to participate in during his class.  

We're so thankful to have such wonderful opportunities outside of our home, to reimphasize all that we are working to teach our children about our wonderful God!