Friday, November 19, 2010

Buzz Right Herrreeee!!

Since watching Toy Story I, II, & III, for the first time, and Toy Story I for the hundredth time, I have a Buzz-lovin' boy!  

If you've seen the movie even once, I'm sure you know the name "Buzz Lightyear".  I'm here to tell you, however, that my sweet Buzz-lovin' boy insists that his name is not Buzz Lightyear, but "Buzz Right Herrreeee!!"  And, who can blame him?  I mean, Buzz is right here whenever you need him, right??  My Buzz sure is!  He's here practically all day, every day.  

He has now reinvented his Home Depot drill into 
an all-purpose, any-time-you-need-it "Buzz Right Heerrreeee" laser...
protecting our house day in and day out...
even in his last year's much too small pj's!

Chasing his enemy sweet sister (or anything else nearby)
around the house shouting 

Leaving the house with Katie's screams of
"STOOPPPP!!  Mommy, Austin's shooting his laser at me again!"  
She's not too fond of "Buzz Right Herrreeee's" newest laser...
well, except for when I'm taking a picture of her, 
and then she's totally cool with it. {See??}'ve been warned!  
Enter into the Barton home with caution...
"Buzz Right Herrreeee" may be right there to greet you 
with his newest and coolest laser