Saturday, November 6, 2010


At the age of 4 you...
  • love horses, unicorns, cats, and anything stuffed
  • are excelling in your kindergarten curriculum...and begging daily to do "more school work"
  • still love your veggies and fruit more than your meat
  • weigh 35 lbs and are 41 1/2 inches tall
  • enjoy singing and making up your own lyrics to well-known songs
  • have a very vivid imagination
  • love to bring your trusted horse with you wherever you go...invisible or not ;-)
  • enjoy pop-tarts over most anything for matter how hard I try to change that
  • love to practice writing your letters any chance you get
  • sleep in your "big girl" bed...a twin bed with a rail (just in case...because you wiggle so much)
  • still have tons of fun playing dress-up, and you've even learned how to get your little brother involved in the fun
  • enjoy trying to dance like the ballerinas on your favorite DVDs
  • getting really good at hitting the t-ball
  • still run very fast...
  • love drinking water now...but please, no ice, because you don't like the noise it makes
  • sleep with at least 7 stuffed animals every night
  • still don't like blue'd choose cotton pants any day
  • don't have to take a nap anymore (only quiet time), but lately you've asked for naptime almost every day, and of course, I let you
  • doing a great job of learning a new verse each week for your Awana Cubbies club, and you love it
  • miss your sweet friends and family from Mobile a lot, but always make sure to pray for them
  • say the sweetest prayers before bedtime, and you often try to rush through your prayers at meals because you "just can't wait to eat"
  • get easily frustrated when your brother destroys your "masterpieces"...whether it's your art, your meticulously placed toys, or your newest outfit
  • love your brother and beg him to play with you, especially when you are pretending to be "Spirit da West" (as you call it), galloping (and singing) to Get Off of My Back
  • still love pink, purple, and blue colors most of all
  • told me just the other day that you always carry your {imaginary} horse with you, because "you never know when you'll need it"