Monday, November 29, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

At my brother-in-law's wedding recently, I did not find myself  bribing Austin with at a keep him quiet for the ceremony.  I do not use bribery techniques, and certainly abstain from candy almost always!  I certainly wouldn't put the two together to keep him still and quiet for 30 minutes...and it certainly did not work!! ;-)

After almost 4 hours of wedding pictures and keeping the kids still and quiet not killing anyone or themselves, I did not almost laugh when my beautiful little flower girl {Katie} chose to "pretend" to throw down her leaves as she walked down the aisle.  I suppose she didn't want anyone to have to clean up her mess like we had to during practice ;-)

I did not find myself feeling like a terrible mother when the dentist informed me that my 4 year old had a cavity on her molar {EEEKKK!!} and my 2 year old had "suspicious spots" on his back two molars!  I am very anal about making sure that I have brushed the kids' teeth several times a day, and even flossing, so you can guess that I was very shocked AND hurt when I received the news from the dentist. 

I was not just as shocked to find out that the probable cause for my children's dental issues are linked directly to what I thought was good ---gummy vitamins---which my children took faithfully every day!  Apparently that's a new leading cause of cavities in children, but unfortunately for me, I didn't know this until after the first cavity and "suspicious spots"!  It still hurts to have to say that my little girl has a cavity, though...even if it was from something I never would have thought could cause it.  Take it from me...throw away the gummies!

{And, no, we did not make a big deal about Katie's cavity...especially since it is not her fault.  We merely explained what happened to her and told her we'd have to be sure we stayed away from sticky/gummy things from now on.} 

I am not now on a search for non-gummy vitamins (and fiber supplements) that my children can and will take.  Having a little boy who will not eat his veggies like he should and a little girl who, despite her good dieting habits, still needs extra fiber on a daily basis, we've got to find another way, and quick!  Any suggestions/ideas??

I did not just have to discipline my youngest child for taking a large bite into Katie's side.  I've never dealt with biters, and I certainly don't want to start now!  Any suggestions from you Mommies out there on how to be sure it doesn't happen again??

I am not going to, as painfully as it is, end this post with no pictures... *gasp*...but I will be making up for it very soon.  I. Promise.  I just have to get us "back to normal" {unpacked, clothes washed, etc., from our trip} first