Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

There are some things we always think of to list on our "thankful" lists...Jesus Christ, and the salvation He gave to each of us who and friends who stick by us through thick and thin...shelter and food God provides for us each day...clothes to keep us warm (or cool) depending on the season...a church faithfully preaching the Word of God, seeking to glorify God in all things...

But there are so many things that are much too often overlooked, that I am thankful for...things that at first glance may appear a bit odd or trivial to be thankful for...but things that remind me of how blessed I truly am!

loud laughs
fingerprinted mirrors, windows, and walls

holding hands

quiet snickers and whispers at bedtime

post-it note surprises

little shoes scattered from room to room

piles of laundry to wash and fold

little fingers and toes

butterfly & bunny kisses

homeschooling opportunities
little ones wrapped around my legs

snuggle time

sincere cries

warm days

faith-building circumstances in life

children singing, off-tune or not

new adventures

movie night

cold pillows

child's excitement about anything

love...true love
answered prayers

unanswered prayers

missing kitchen utensils

imagination of a child

boxes and the worlds they open

What "out of the ordinary" blessing are you most thankful for today?