Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas and Traditions

I love the Christmas season!  
I love celebrating Christ's birth! 
I love finding the perfect gifts to show someone how much you care!
I love wrapping each gift with love!
I love decorating the house for all of the celebrations of Christ!

The kids love the Christmas season!
The kids love celebrating Christ's birth!
The kids love helping me shop for special gifts, especially for our "Angel" children!
The kids love putting wrapped gifts under the tree {only after they've discovered who's gift it is!}

The kids love seeing our Christmas tree!
The kids love putting ornaments on our by one!
I love the challenge of not moving the ornaments that they've placed!
The kids love asking where each ornament came from! 
The kids love hearing the stories behind them!
I love trying to remember!!

Our 2010 Christmas Tree

A favorite family tradition, that my family started for me when I was young
is to give a special ornament to each child every year...
something to remind them of that specific year...
complete with a name and date on each ornament.

This year, it was easy to find the perfect ornament for the kids...

For my little "Buzz Right Heerrreee", Austin--

And for my sweet kitty-lovin' daughter --Katie
{we searched high & low for a "Spirit" horse ornament, but didn't find one...
so we went for her next favorite obsession...CATS!} ;-)
Now...on to finding that perfect ornament for Mommy & Daddy...