Monday, December 27, 2010

A Little Christmas Teasing...

What's Christmas without a little Christmas teasing??  Katie really wanted a Leapster this year...she's wanted it for at least 8 months or so now...she's played with her best friend's Leapster as often as she could!  So, that was our plan for her "big gift" from Mommy and Daddy {and, of course, Austin had to have one, alleviate any knock-down, drag-out fights}.  And, that's what we did!  

We also gave a few family members "ideas" of gifts that the kids would need to go with their Christmas surprise.  What we didn't think about {at first} was that they would end up getting the accessories first...and then...their Leapsters!  Once we realized it, we decided to sit back and see what happened {we're so cruel!}  And, here's a little snippet of the fun...

Opening Accessory #1 at Mimi's house:

Mommy!  I got something like my friend Elizabeth has!! 

Really, that's great, Sweetheart!  

Oh...That's funny, hehe {with little enthusiasm}...

What is it, Katie?  

 It's empty.  Why didn't they put games in it like Elizabeth's?  What do I do with it?

Well, I don't know, Sweetie.  Look!  You have another gift to open! {grins}

Opening Accessory #2 at Granny's house:

Look, Mom!  I got a Ni-hao Kai-lan game for my thing I got at Mimi's house!!

That's cool, Katie!!

But, how do I play my new game now?

Well, Sweetie, you can't play it, because you don't have the Leapster for it.

Oh.  O.K. 

{Mommy's starting to feel a little bad about the Christmas teasing at this point...but it's so worth it to see her the next morning!}

Opening her Leapster on Christmas morning:

And, oh! How excited she was!!  This was the first toy that had to be opened and played with...over and over again! 

So, maybe a little Christmas teasing wasn't so bad, after all.