Monday, December 20, 2010

Not Me! Monday

I have not on several occasions this week found myself in a frustrating verbal battle with my 4-year-old!  Not me!!  I have much more patience and self-control than that.  I always speak in calm, but firm tones with my children, no matter how many times they have back-talked or disobeyed.  And, because I would never do this, I certainly did not stop myself and laugh because of how ridiculous this is!

Along those sweet Katie has not found the desire to talk back and have ugly attitudes a lot with me lately.  When are those "fabulous fours" coming again??  I'm tired of this excessive disobedience...parenting is hard and oh so tiring!!

As mentioned in this post, my sweet Mobile-boy did not continuously ask to go play in the sand this week, as we enjoyed a short burst of snow flurries for a couple of days.

Katie did not out-of-the-blue decide that she no longer needed her bed rail, so we took it off, and she is so excited she's now sleeping in a real big girl bed!

Austin did not startle me with terrible screaming...for me to get to his room to find that he had managed to get his head stuck underneath his bed.  *sigh* that boy can get into more trouble...

Is it possible that Christmas is only a few days away now??  For the first time since having the kids, I was not actually finished with my shopping over two weeks before Christmas.  And that even included bad shipping issues with a couple of internet orders!

Mark did not surprise me with a planned "night away" to the Hilton on New Years Eve that I am soooo excited about!  YAH!!  For hotel reward programs!!  Thanks, Nana and Pawpaw for watching the kids for us...I'm sure they will be little angels for you, hehe!!  :-)

Merry Christmas, my friends & family!!