Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not a morning person...

Just in case you were wondering…I’m not a morning person. In fact, I’m not a morning, noon, evening, or night person, if I’ve just been awakened from sleep.

I am a Mom, so I do expect to be awakened by at least one child at least one time during the night {though, I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to having a full night of totally uninterrupted sleep!}. But, when I must get up for a child during the night, I open my eyes as little as possible, turn on the minimal amount of light to complete the task at hand, speak only when absolutely necessary {mostly with slurred “mmhhhmm”, so not to have to awaken the brain, you know}, get back into my warm, cozy bed with my peacefully sleeping husband {who may not even know I was up in the first place}, and fall back to sleep as quickly as possible.

This is just me…how our Creator saw fit to design me in His wonderful wisdom, or maybe His great humor?! For, you see, my two children, especially Katie {since she has loved talking since she was very young}, do not share this philosophy…not in the least!

Katie can be completely asleep, to the point of snoring, and wake due to needing a potty break {or needing a tissue, looking for a missing animal/sock/houseshoe/ “di” tag, well, you get the picture}…and will promptly begin a long, well thought out conversation about why she named her favorite unicorn “Monachelli Cherry Blossom” or ask me to explain why there are some children that don’t have toys like she does. What amazes me most, is how she can go from these deep conversations to completely peaceful sleep within 30 seconds!

Not me! After a middle-of-the-night conversation with Katie, my brain is racing about what I did yesterday, what I failed to finish, what I need to put on my to-do list, and so on…for what seems like hours…before I finally fall back to sleep.

And, wouldn’t you know it…not only is Katie fully capable of being completely awake, bubbly, and talkative to sleeping better than a baby in 30 seconds flat…Austin is quickly showing signs of this “gift”, as well. *Sigh* I’m quite sure we were created by a God who has a great sense of humor…putting my “not a morning person” personality with my two middle-of-the-night, bubbly & talkative little ones. {grins}

No matter how tired I may be, or how late/early it is, I can’t help but laugh when I hear little feet pattering down the hardwood floor, and Austin’s sweet little voice saying “Hi, Mom-meee! I yooovvee you.”, or Katie’s never-ending thoughts rushing like a river out of her mouth. It truly is a joy of motherhood…as is my very much needed caffeine kick to start the next day :-)