Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sand or Snow?

Is it sand or snow?  
Bless his little heart...He just didn't know!

All we kept hearing from Austin was...
"I wanna play in the sand!!" :-)

They sure had fun playing in it...
whatever you want to call it!

It wasn't much to play with...
But they made the best of it while it was here!

And, as you may guess, they liked it so much
they are praying for lots more for Christmas!

And, maybe they just will...

How else are we going to teach this little one
the difference between sand and snow?


LET IT SNOW!!! :-)  And, maybe let it stick a little more, too.
The kids had fun with the little snow they had on the porch to play in,
but it'd be much more fun piled on the ground!  
It sure was pretty to watch, though...those great "Alabama Blizzards" hehe!