Monday, January 17, 2011

Thoughts from a 2 year old...

So, we're getting ready for our second night of our "Enriching the Family" conference at church tonight...and had some humorous thoughts come from our 2 year old's mouth.  I had to share them...

Daddy, what you doooin?   
I'm ironing my clothes for this week.   
Ironin close (clothes) dis week?   
That's right.   

**And then Austin breaks into a song he made up just for Daddy** 
Iron close iron close, 
everywhere ironin close...
Iron close iron close, 
everywhere ironin close
...somepin (something)

Mommy, what you doooin?  
 Putting on a slip.   
Mommy put on swip (slip), so you don't fall down?  
 {Laughs} Yeah..."somepin" like that...

Don't you just love their little inquisitive minds??  I do...especially at times like this.  Priceless laugh and smile about for a lifetime!