Monday, March 21, 2011

Not My Child!

This week, my son did not come after me one his front end loader, AKA his tractor, yelling "I'm gonna throw you in 'da ga'bage can! hahahahaha!!"  When I began playing along and saying "oh, no!  don't do that!" , he came back with "it's otay, Mommy...I'd get you back out!!"  Gotta love little boys...

Speaking of boys, my sweet little boy definitely did not help me turn at least 3 shades of red while in line to check out recently, when he started telling the world {very loudly, might I add} that the lady standing only 2 feet away from us had PURPLE HAIR.  And, since Mommy was trying to nod and get the subject changed, he insisted that I had indeed not heard him, and broadcast the news even louder!  Not, my child!!

Over the weekend, the kids and I used Mark's little Aveo {quite a funny sight, might I add}...which meant the kids had no kid CDs to hear, no DVDs to watch, and no toys in the car to play with.  That didn't deter them, though.  My kids did not decide to invent a new game with a piece of shoe string that Austin had grabbed on his way to the car...  I did not hear the kids in the backseat yelling, "I've got TOE POWER!"  When I started trying to see what they were doing, I found them playing tug-o-war with the string and their toes...gotta love their creativity!

And, I cannot forget to mention that Mark and I did not make a little boy mad at us yesterday, after refusing to let him hold the "Princess's" hand (AKA our little Katie).  Bless the kids heart, he was so frustrated at me when I told him a second (or fiftith) time, he kicked my shin and stepped on my toe!  LOL I'm definitely not ready for boys to be chasing her...not until she's at least 25-30! haha  But it does look like we may have our work cut out for us...

Sorry about the lack of pictures...places to go, things to do today :-)  I'll be posting more with pictures later this week!