Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rays of Sunshine, Fields of Purple

My grandparents' yard is completely covered in purple...purple weeds to most people, but children know them as the most beautiful purple flowers.  So, you know we had to find a day to enjoy the beautiful rays of sunshine and fields of purple to welcome in the early spring!

I don't know the "official" name of these unique weeds/plants, but we grew up calling them "bunny rabbits", and that was good enough for us.  Can you see why we called them that?? 

We also made sure to teach the kids the "bunny rabbit" names...and why we call them that.  Katie had to do some major investigating to be certain they indeed looked like bunnies ;-)

And sweet Sydney loved the "bunny rabbits" as well!

Austin was trying to teach Sydney where the "bunny rabbits" were.  They play so well together...most of the time *grins*

As you can tell, all of the kids had a great time at Granny and Papa's house!

And you know I enjoyed being the photographer of all of the fun!! ;-)