Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Impromptu Bowling...

Saturday morning, we decided to take the kids to the Arsenal library...one of their favorite places.  While there, we decided we'd also enjoy an impromptu bowling trip on the Arsenal, as we'd heard such great things about their bowling alley.  {I didn't have my camera with me, so the below pictures from my phone will have to do for this memory.}

The kids were BEYOND excited when they heard the news...honestly, I didn't think we'd even get them to eat their pizza before bowling (as planned).  But, they tried their pizza and didn't stop eating until it was pretty much demolished :-)  Then, on to the bowling fun...

Katie using the dinosaur's back to help her position/roll the ball down the lane...why didn't they have these when I was a young bowler?? ;-)

Austin - super excited about his bowling fun...and the funny little characters that started singing and dancing on the screen after each turn.  :-)

It's Austin's turn now!  He was pretty good!!  He even beat me! (but that doesn't say that much...)

our final score (don't laugh too hard...I haven't touched a bowling ball since early college years...a good 6 or so years ago!)

We'll definitely be returning for more bowling fun...and highly recommend it over any other bowling lanes around, if you have access to the base :-)