Saturday, May 7, 2011

Something's fishy...

Due to the tornadoes in our area and the widespread power outages it caused, we made an unplanned visit to our Mobile family for a long weekend.  We enjoyed getting to spend extra time with our family (and the power/hot water, as well)!

While there, we were able to take the kids fishing.  This was Katie's 2nd time to fish and Austin's 1st.  They were both SO excited about their fishing trip!  Here are a few pictures of them catching their fish :-)

Katie caught a fish!!

So proud of her first catch!

Who would have though Katie would have TOUCHED her fish!?

Bless Austin's heart...he waited to fish all day, but was so worn out that he fell asleep on the way to Pawpaw's to fish.  I had to wake him up to hopefully give him a few minutes of fishing time (I knew he'd be heartbroken if he slept through it all). 
Watching Pawpaw get ready to let Austin fish.

He loves his Pawpaw time.

Looks like he caught something!

Austin's first catch!!

"Look at my fish!"
And, a family fishing outing just wouldn't be complete without a little silliness...

So thankful for the extra time with the family we had, even though the circumstances weren't the best.