Friday, June 3, 2011

Time with God for Fathers - A Book Review

I was recently given the opportunity from to review Time with God for Fathers by Jack Countryman.  This is a small hardback devotional book especially for fathers.  I think it's well made and would be a great gift book for any father!  I let my husband read this book to be able to write the best, most honest review, since I am not a father. 

My husband has greatly enjoyed this devotional book.  It is not meant to read all in one sitting, but a short section day by day.  This is great for a father on the go.  Even 5-10 minutes would give you enough time to read this devotion each day.  However, I must say that though this devotional definitely touches on subjects that families and dad's deal with this day in age, it is not an indepth study on any one topic.  I would suggest using this devotional as the start of a daily devotional, coupled with reading God's word. 

I think this would definitely be a great book for any father!  If you're looking for a neat Father's Day idea, here it is!