Friday, June 3, 2011

Transforming Prayer - A Book Review

I was given the opportunity by Bethany House Publishing to read and review Transforming Prayer by Daniel Henderson.  My first thoughts were skeptical of yet "another" book about prayer...not that we don't need them, but how different would this one be compared to all of the others, and could it really help me to see things in a different way, thereby changing my prayer life as I know it.  So, as skeptical as I may have been, I picked up the book and began to read.  It is not a read it in one day type of book.  Honestly, I'm STILL reading the book...and may read it again when I finish.  But I read it slowly, not because it's boring, but because it's something that takes time to soak in and think on. 

There have been so many times in this book that I've found myself nodding in agreement of the testimony given...the way we often think of prayer and why (like an emergency go to list when things aren't peachy), etc., and nodding more when a deeper challenge of what God intended for communication with Him to be. 

I would recommend this book to anyone looking to go deeper in their prayer life/communication with God.  Though some points are probably well-known to many believers, I think we could all walk away from this book challenged, encouraged, and ready to go a step deeper in our relationship with our awesome God.

I was given this book to review from Bethany House and received no compensation for my review.  The above opinions are my own.  A positive review was not requested or required.