Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Katie's Rabbit Trails

If you've ever been around at bedtime with Katie, then you'd know that she is queen of rabbit trails (especially at bedtime).  Though I don't post each and every rabbit trail we have with her, I felt that I had to share her most recent rabbit trail for laughs and memories...

Mark was tucking Katie in bed and reading her chosen book, The Velveteen Rabbit.  At the end of the book, Mark was telling her how glad he was that stuffed animals didn't really come to life when they were really loved, because we'd have a house full of horses, unicorns, etc.  Katie laughed about it and started her rabbit trail...

She told Daddy that if she could have real animals, she'd like to have a rooster!  Mark laughed and explained that she wouldn't like a rooster because it would wake her up before the sun was even up...way earlier than she likes to get up and going. 

So, without missing a beat, she responded..."Yeah...I wouldn't like that.  I think I'd trade my rooster in for a hen and just eat the eggs!"

This kid definitely got her quick, witty remarks from her Daddy!  She definitely keeps us laughing with her rabbit trails...even close to bedtime :-)