Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crazy-Beautiful LIFE

Okay, so I'm obviously getting really bad at this blogging thing.  And, though you may think otherwise, I promise it is not intentional!  I honestly miss it more than you, I'm quite sure.  You see, it's my break...my step out of the reality of our crazy-beautiful life...my time to do something that may or may not serve any real purpose, other than aiding in my sanity as a stay at home, homeschooling mom.  So, now that I've told you that it keeps me sane...and then you see that it's been probably 2 weeks since my last post (and they were short ones!), then you're probably (rightfully so) concerned about my sanity (and about my family, since I may well be on the brink of INsanity).  I'll never tell just how close I may indeed be to that point, but I will say that blogging was high on my list today *hehe*

So, since I have not been blogging, what exactly have I been doing lately??  It blows my mind that we're already in August!!  Where in the world did my well-planned, relaxing and productive summer days go?!  July was nothing but a blur, so I can't even take you week by week explaining why things have been so crazy.  But I can remember as far back as last week, which was our Ladies' Enrichment Retreat at church.  Though I didn't realize that it would be, being a session teacher and also a vendor at the retreat, it was a major time sucker last month.  I taught a photography class, complete with handouts, powerpoints, personal examples, and more...all compiled by yours truly, and though I was totally nervous, I had a great time!  The conference was a fabulous success, praise the Lord!  God used Mrs. Mina Oglesby in great ways to challenge and encourage me.  I'm already looking forward to next year.

So, that's a huge project from the month of July that is not "marked off" on my list...just in time for me to get lesson plans completed for Katie and Austin, as well as our Friday co-op science classes that I'm teaching.  Whew!  Makes me tired just thinking of it.  But I am SO thankful to have the opportunity to homeschool our children.  I can't say that there aren't days that I seriously consider sending them to school away from home, but those days are few and far between (and usually when I am in need of a little break).  Katie is resuming kindergarten to begin with...covering in greater detail what we covered last year, leading us up to 1st grade.  We're in no rush, as we're still ahead with her, but we're not slowing down either!  We're both excited for school to start back!  And I'll also be integrating Austin's learning time with Katie this year.  Obviously they are on totally different levels, so that will be challenging, but we're excited about it, too.

And, with all of the other busyness of life (outside of my business, which has been pretty busy, as well), did I mention that the house has been somewhat turned upside down over the past 2 weeks?  Yeah.  Well, it had been discussed, but was by far from planned.  We were given a fantastic offer on a brand new twin over full bunk bed set (with the built in staircase) and chest, and we couldn't pass it up!  The kids now have a combined playroom, which they LOVE (and so do I -- so much easier for them to clean up!), and a combined bedroom.  Katie sleeps on the top bunk and loves it, and Austin is doing fantastic on the bottom bunk!  This also gives us more beds and more open floors for when extra bedding/space is needed for missionaries, family, etc., that are staying with us on occasion.  It also gives me a perfect room for photography with full natural light (their playroom is ideal!)  The kids absolutely LOVE this change, and so do we!  But it has definitely brought on more "projects"...repainting, reorganizing, etc.

Here's a picture of the kids bedroom right now, but it's not completed (obviously), so you're going to have to overlook the purple walls!  We're still finalizing paint colors and decor.  :-)

I'd show you the playroom, but there's nothing to show right now...You'll hopefully soon get to see the before and after pictures of it, though!  (We've gotta work on patience a little, right?)

Speaking of redesigning, Mark and I have been doing a lot of planning for the redesigning of other areas of the house.  It's going to come by steps...slow steps...as budget allows, but I am super excited about it!  The hardest part is knowing what step I want to start on :-P  By the end, there will be lots of beautiful earthy colors throughout our home!

More craziness?!  Oh, yes!  My baby is turning 3 this month (*sniff sniff*)...I have begun my final year of my 20s...my Mom and family have sold and moved to a nearby town...and I have found a new addition (like I needed one) -- www.pinterest.com

Okay, so that's probably a small portion of our craziness this summer, but I think it at least catches you up to speed...and now I can *hopefully* become a regular blogger for my family again...if for no other reason but SANITY :-)  Thanks for dealing with my ramblings of the crazy-beautiful life God has blessed me with!