Wednesday, August 3, 2011

RE...Lots of RE!

So, with all of the "RE"s (REorganizing, REdecorating, REmoving) going on in our home lately, especially in the kids' rooms, we've also had to learn how to REpurpose things.  Though it'd be easy to run to the store and buy all that I need to REdesign our home, my frugalness just doesn't allow for that ;-)

I suspect {and HOPE} to be able to show you lots of REpurposing going on around our home over the next months.  Today we started with small steps in the kids' rooms.

When the kids had their own rooms, one was fully "Princess" and the other was nothing but "Cars" now what?  I have Princesses and Cars all over the place, and their new bedroom is cowboy/cowgirl/horses, etc.  Tell me how those are gonna fit in... ;-), I spent a little time searching for great new images online that would be perfect additions to their new rooms, and what did I come up with??  {*overlook the purple walls...they will be gone soon hehe*}

 First, I replaced all of Katie's "Little Mermaid" pictures with these...using the same frame and mat.  And, though it was printed from home, you wouldn't know it wasn't purchased from the store when you see it!  So, my cost for REdecorating their room with REfinished pictures -- less than $1!

 And now for these much-loved nightlights...Katie, of course, had the Princesses...and Austin had Cars.  I really did not want to purchase more nightlights, and I loved that these could be turned off (saving those nightlight bulbs that always seem to go out!). 

SO...I again turned to the internet for pictures and...
This fit perfectly with the cowboy/cowgirl theme in their bedroom,
and even worked with the pink nightlight base!
The playroom is going to be decorated in fun, artsy colors...
perfect for their little imaginations!
TADA!  Brand new nightlights costing pennies to REpurpose...but perfect for our new decor.  Pretty nifty and thrifty, in my opinion :-)

And to "add" a little more REpurposing of pictures/frames in the playroom, I took Austin's Cars pictures and REplaced them with recent paintings done by my two little artists. 

We're soon going to have a full wall of artwork in their playroom, and I can't wait to show you that!  But we have to start and finish some REpainting first.

LOTS left to do with our REpurposing and REdecorating projects...this was just a few small steps.  But you have to start somewhere, right??