Monday, September 26, 2011

Not Me! Monday

So, it's definitely been a while since I've been a "good" blogger...and even longer since I've done my regular "Not Me! Monday".  But, "Not Me! Monday" is officially back, and so am I!  I'm in hopes that knowing I have a "Not Me! Monday" post to write each Monday, will get me back into blogging like I want to!  :-)  So, here goes nothing...

I did not decide to wear my hair curly recently (due to lots of rain, mostly), only to hear my daughter ask "So, did you pray to God about it or something?"  Not knowing what she meant, I questioned her, and she responded, "You know, you wanted to look like me, so you asked God to give you curly hair and He did?"  Unfortunately, I should have prayed a little more about it, obviously, as I have more of a messy beach wave going on...not those cute curls that my kiddos were blessed with! ;-)

Last Thursday evening, I was not in panic mode when my son bit a very nice size hole in his tongue while trying to climb and reach M&Ms for his potty prize.  Thankfully, we didn't have to see any ER drs, etc....we've just had to be selective on food/drinks for him.  (In case you missed it, I blogged about this adventure with pictures HERE.)

I am not excited to finally show you the "finished" combined kid bedroom THIS WEEK -- long overdue, I know...still working on the playroom, though ;-)

I have not decided that there is a neuron misfiring in my brain as of late -- no matter how frustrated I am with my current physical self or the lack of favorite clothes that fit, I simply cannot seem to figure out a work-out routine to fit my lifestyle.  How do you homeschooling, business owning, stay at home, couponing, multi-tasking moms do it???

Katie has not become such a big girl lately, as we've started back to co-op classes each Friday.  She's loving her school time every day, but absolutely adores her Fridays!

We did not take Austin and Katie to their first gymnastics class recently, and they both absolutely LOVED it!  Maybe it will help them get a little extra energy out with someone other than Mom ;-)  I plan to get pictures the next time (bad mom, I know...)

I'm not wayyy overdue with posting lots of family photographs...busy business and homeschooling have not somewhat overtaken life over the last couple of months...I'm not seriously working on figuring out this balancing act of life...I are soon coming ;-)