Friday, September 23, 2011

Tough Man...

So, last night {right before dinner and bedtime}, Austin fell and bit a hole into his tongue.  After wayyy more blood than I was comfortable with, we finally got it to stop enough to actually see the damage done.  We called the doctor, and was told that they wouldn't do anything for it...just to try to keep pain medicine & fluids down him, etc., as he would be hesitant to eat/drink -- boy, was that an understatement!  Looks like he may be living off of applesauce and popsicles for a few days.

Nana & Pawpaw -- Austin wanted you to see his "broken tongue", so here it is...12 hours later...and already looking better!  He thinks it's funny to look at his tongue now...but he wants to know when it's going to be put back together ;-)

Thankfully, we have a tough little man, who has complained little (mostly when trying to eat or drink).  I know I wouldn't be quite so calm about something like this!