Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Word-Y Wednesday

Austin had his first haircut today (yes, I know you don't typically wait until age 3...), and he did such a great job!  He has been so excited all week about letting Mrs. Jana cut his hair like Daddy's hair (his request). 

Though I did not let him cut it as short as Daddy's, Mrs. Jana did cut off a lot of his long baby hairs, to even them up with the rest, so it does look more like a little man :-)  And, she even buzzed the bottom of his neck, so he felt like he got a haircut just like Daddy -- making him very proud!

He was SUPER serious for all of the pictures during (and even after) his first haircut, but smile or not, he hasn't stopped talking about how good his new haircut looks!  So, if you see him soon, be sure to mention it...or he may call you out on it ;-)

And I think the haircut made him look another 2 inches taller (like he needed that!) hehe :-)  My little boy is growing up!  And, in case you were concerned, he still has a head full of curls...just like his Daddy did at that age.