Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bunk Beds & Best Buds

Okay, so I've been terrible on getting pictures of the kids "finished" (aka liveable and decorated...until I find more to add/change) combined bedroom.  And, after looking at the pictures, I'm thinking -- did we really change that much??  So, here's a "before" picture of the kids separated bedrooms...

Austin's "BEFORE" Room...

Katie's "BEFORE" Room...

And now, your look into their "new" combined 

They both sold a lot of their "old" bedroom
decor and reinvested in their new rooms

I think the best part was seeing how excited the kids were 
as they were able to choose their accent pieces together
and AGREE on them!

We definitely have two horse/country lovin' kids...

And I wouldn't change them for anything in the world!
Love my little Cowboy & Cowgirl!!

And, as for the transitioning to one bedroom and one playroom, things have been great!  The kids love the set-up, and I love that they make a mess in ONE room (the playroom) instead of two while they play together.  There are times that I reconsider -- like when they are supposed to be sleeping and they are instead laughing, giggling, and telling secrets -- but then I remind myself that those times are what make brothers and sisters best buds forever.  We're still working on the play room...step by step...but it's also working great as our homeschooling area, which I never really had before.  I definitely think this was a great decision for our family.  The kids love their combined country bedroom, and I love that!

So, what do you think of our country bunk bed room for our best buds? ;-)