Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall is HERE!!

I absolutely love this time of year, all of it's crazy-busyness and all!  The cool weather...the "fall" come out of the vacations...pumpkins...field trips...beautiful leaves showing their "true"colors.  {sigh} What's not to love?!

Our lives have definitely been far from calm's been a busy time of year for photography (which is not a bad thing!), as well as a busy time with (home)school/family/trips, and life in general.  Because of that crazy-busyness, I'm a little behind on blogging, so hold on to your seat!  It's going to be a busy week of blog posts here for the Barton family :-)

And, to start the ride through our fast-paced, wonderful life, I'll tell you about our fun-filled trip with our youth group to a local corn maze.  I chose not to take my camera due to the dust and nature of our escapades...but I did talk Katie into bringing hers.  I took LOTS of pictures of the kids enjoying their first marshmellow roast...their oh so favorite corn cribs...their trip through the corn maze in the dark (minus their flashlights)... their unforgettable ride on the cow train (which, by the way, really needed some "bum" pillows haha!)...and them shooting their corn launcher!  But, wouldn't you know it...I went to upload the pictures, and THEY AREN'T THERE!!!  Apparently, our kiddos unintentionally deleted about 400 pictures that were on Katie's camera while we were on our recent trip to TN.  I'm going to intentionally leave that detail out when talking to my sweet daughter, because she'd be heartbroken, but hopefully that won't happen again before I have time to get the pictures off the camera.

At any rate, the kids had a VERY long night at the corn maze, but they had a wonderful time!  I think we got home around midnight, which is unheard of for them!  But they were great sports the entire night...I was very proud of them!

So, now that I've talked you through the "non-pictured events", how about we start blogging about those other fun things soon? ;-)  Check back...they'll be coming throughout the week!