Tuesday, October 25, 2011


As I mentioned in a previous post, our little kiddos have decided that they love their gymnastics classes at Hartselle Gymnastics, and we've enjoyed seeing them love it!  They have been practicing their back bends, front flips, back flips, and cart wheels...enjoying their first attempts on the vault, the balance beam, and the bars...and even learning how to stretch and work toward the splits (which Katie thinks is absolutely amazing!)  I like seeing them active in a productive way, and I can't wait to see their progress at the next "Parent Day" (when we can all come and watch/take lots of pictures/etc.).

But, until then...here are a few quick shots I took the other day.  (I couldn't really see any area except the bars from where I had to stay, so that's what you'll see...which is Austin's favorite!) 

Trust me...more pictures will come as soon as Parent Day comes :-)  I'm as anxious to see their progress as you are!  But believe me when I say, it's a new favorite pastime for these little ones!  They want gymnastics to be every day :-)