Monday, October 3, 2011

Not Me! Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

I did not look at what I dressed my sweet girl in for church yesterday and think, "Wow!  She's grown so much since last year...I suppose I need to find her a new church sweater to wear with her dresses, because that looks a little snug (and 3/4 length)"... Only to look and see that I had been literally squeezing her into a 3T sweater!!  She's probably been wearing that since she was 2 (going by the fact that she's typically one size larger than her age), so I think I've gotten the "worth" out of it and really should invest in a new one this season.  She thought it was hilarious that Mommy put her in a 3T sweater without knowing it...I would never overlook such an obvious wardrobe malfunction... ;-)

I did not again fail to post the pictures of the kids' new combined bedroom last week, so I'm now adding it to THIS weeks' blog "to do list" -- man!  after making you wait this long, I need to come up with some even BETTER modifications, to make it worth it to you ;-)

Katie has not been insistent on having a "Daddy/Katie" Date Night this week, which I think has just melted Daddy's heart a little more each time.  She was so excited when he scheduled his "date" that she drew a reminder picture for all to see...

And, after all of that excitement, we have not already had to make changes to the date of her "date night" {due to her gymnastics class starting tomorrow evening...during her originally scheduled date night}.  Though, she's now chosen Daddy's "OFF" day, so she is even more excited -- get ready, Daddy!  I sure hope you have lots of plans for this girl, as she's not going to let you off easy! ;-)

I do not have many many tasks to complete over the next couple of hours, so my Not Me! Monday is going to have to come to a close for today...