Monday, October 10, 2011

Not Me! Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

I did not allow my son to play a game on my cell phone, only to find that he had purchased a different game that "he wanted to play" -- remember, he is only 3 -- and being the sweet, understanding mother that I am, I certainly did not make him pay me $1 for the game he unknowingly bought.  And, after doing so, I did not find myself thinking of what game I wish  he would have unintentionally purchased...instead of "Brick Breaker"...Not me!!

After dropping the kids off at their art class this week, I did not decide to walk into a local clothing consignment store, only to find my very own YUMMY TUMMY tank.  After trying it out this week, all I have to say is, WHERE have these been my whole life??  They make your tummy (and sides) look slimmer, shaped, and it's LONG, so I can wear it under practically everything I own!  I do believe I need to find several more of these...especially if I can get it for $5!!

I did not have our bedroom tv crash on me this week...then our air conditioning...followed by my "almost brand new" Dell laptop...  One is bad, but THREE major things in one week...NOT me!