Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Artwork | Hartselle Art Studio

I just love Christmas-time! It always seems like crafts are more frequent during the Christmas season, and this year was no different.

The kids are still enjoying their weekly art classes at Hartselle Art Studio & Gallery with Ms. Michele, and they brought home many art projects over the Christmas season.  Here are two of our favorite projects done with Ms. Michele...

First, here are the kids handmade ornaments -- using balloons, newspaper, glue, paint, glitter, and I have no idea what else :-)  But these ornaments look beautiful on our Christmas tree!

This one is Katie's... (gotta have that PINK!)

This one is Austin's... (Honestly, I expected to see a black and gray ornament from him, but he went with white, purple, and silver)

Ms. Michele also challenged them both to draw their own picture that could be printed and used as a Christmas card, if desired.  They both did a fantastic job, but we had already printed our cards for the year, so we displayed these in our living room, instead.

Katie's stocking with a kitten:

Austin's stocking:

Great job, kids!!  I love your artwork!