Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Christmas Tradition | Annual Ornaments

One of my favorite family traditions at Christmas, is our annual ornaments. Each year we find an ornament for each member of our family that represents the age/stage/interests they have had over the year. My mom began this when my sister and I were younger. Then, when the kids are ready to move out on their own, they get to take their ornaments from each year to put on their tree

I think one of our favorite things to do when decorating the tree each year is to look at those special ornaments and remember the memories that we've associated with them.  Even the kids remember many of the ornaments and why they received it for a certain year, and I'm sure they will even more so as they get older.

Here are our ornament additions for this year...

The kids picked out this beautiful glass camera ornament for me, all by themselves!  I think they did a fabulous job ;-)

Austin had a hard time deciding what he wanted most for his ornament...he began by asking for an ornament with Batman and Joker.  When we had NO luck finding that, he found his second best...a MONSTER TRUCK!  (And by the look of the monster trucks he's collected over this year, I'd say it was a perfect fit!)

Katie and Austin knew exactly what they wanted to find for Mark this year...a ROLL TIDE Elephant!  

And, who would have ever guessed that Katie would have needed a horse ornament?!  ;-)

What are some of YOUR favorite family Christmas traditions?