Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Marbled Christmas Ornaments | Easy Kid-Friendly Craft

I recently searched the internet for easy (and not-so-messy) Christmas crafts for me to do with the kids during this Christmas season.  These marbled Christmas ornaments have been, by far, the most favorite craft for us all!  

I love simple, inexpensive, unique, and clean...the kids love PAINT...and this craft covered ALL of those!

So, what do you need?  1)  Box of clear plastic ornaments (Hobby Lobby has these 50% off!), 2) Your choice of Acrylic paint colors (we used berry red, pine green, and sand), 3) Baby wipes.  

DIRECTIONS:  All you do is squirt several drops of the paint colors desired into the clear ornament.  Then use a baby wipe (to keep fingers paint free) to cover the opening of the ornament.  And SHAKE!  You'll probably have to add more paint to fill the entire ornament, but it's best to add it a little at a time, so it will dry quickly :-)  Then, TADA!  You have a beautiful marbled Christmas ornament, perfect as a special handmade gift for your friends or family. 

My kids already know who they are giving these ornaments to, but I wouldn't mind getting more ornaments to make some for our own tree!  Hope you enjoy this fun, cheap, and easy craft.  We sure did!!