Monday, January 23, 2012

Not Me! Monday

I did not find myself preparing for the possibility of finding our allergy-sickened 7 year old dog a new home (that could hopefully afford all of the suggested allergy tests/medicines, that we did not feel that we could offer him) due to what we thought was yet another sore he had made on himself due to his terrible allergies.  And, after a long night of almost no sleep for Mark and myself, I did not arrive at the vet early Saturday morning to find that he had a large, infected SPIDER BITE!  Though it was a relief that (for once) it was not our dog's allergies, the thoughts of a spider that could cause that damage, gave this Mommy nothing close to relief!  {Sparing you visuals of his sad wound!}

Due to the likelihood of our dog's wound being caused by a spider in/around our home, we did not gladly welcome our wonderful pest control technician early this morning to completely fog our house, inside, outside, and underneath -- to be certain no unwanted pests were anywhere near my babies!!  So, me, my babies, our dog, and their fish packed up the car and spent several hours {out} of our home...gladly...and visited with family.

This evening, I did not stop the car to take these two shots of one of my favorite local landscape areas (I don't know why, but I absolutely love this lone tree in the middle of the wide field).   I regret that my only camera was on my phone, but as Katie always says "Something is better than nothing!"  So, I hope you enjoy at least a small glimpse of God's masterpiece sunset this evening.  It most definitely brought a smile to my face on this MONDAY! I just love how our awesome God can paint such beautiful colors in a sunset after so many grey-colored, rainy days.  Just a sweet reminder of His mercies, which are new every morning! 

Though my "planned" Monday did not go as planned, it was a blessed day indeed.    How was your Monday??