Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Katie has had a loose tooth for months...since at least Thanksgiving!  And, since she knew it was loose, she has been longing to lose it!  I, however, was not quite as enthusiastic...I know she is sometimes a little whiny about pain or even the sight of blood.  I didn't feel that this would be as enjoyable as she felt it would be.  So, what did I do?  I let it get looser and looser (on its on), until this past week when it was practically hanging there, and then...I sent her to Pawpaw and Uncle Myles ;-)  {Yep, I'm a wimp...I didn't want to pull it and be the bad guy if it didn't go as she planned}

So...Uncle Myles was all for it until he realized I was serious, then he decided to pass the task along to Pawpaw Greg.  Pawpaw then tied a piece of dental floss to the tooth, and was in the process of tightening the floss to the tooth and asking Mark if he wanted to pull it, when TADA, it was already out!  Katie didn't feel a thing...in fact, we were all shocked to see that it was already pulled.  Talk about ready!  In any case, she was thrilled, and was begging for pictures to be taken to document it...so, here they are :-)

She has since been faithfully showing everyone she sees about her new "lost" tooth, and how she decided to trade it in for money, instead of keeping the tooth (whew!  I was worried about that one! LOL).  In fact, her collected tooth money was enough to get her a brand new PINK cowgirl hat, which she adores!  :-)

I just love my little "toothless" girl, and I love that she is still excited about it being gone, too!  She says that she's glad it is gone because it doesn't hurt to bite down on her food now, but even more so because it's easier to spit when brushing her teeth LOL...  I just love her so much! ;-)