Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Clownin' Around

While Mark and I were cleaning up the kitchen dishes and such the other day, our kids surprised us with their fun imaginations as they introduced themselves as the RODEO CLOWNS!  They came into the kitchen honking each others noses as the clown form of a handshake... 

"Honk!  How do you do?  Honk!  How do you do?  Giggle Giggle Giggle!!"

We couldn't help but laugh at their deliberate attempts to make clown outfits (notice their backwards hats...switched boots...and hairbows clipped as neckties!)

We enjoyed a nice 15 minute show of silliness...and we loved every second of it!  Here are a few more shots from their clown show...

I just love my cute little clowns and their fun imaginations!  Everyone needs a  little clownin' around once in a while...especially during those not-so-fun kitchen cleaning moments :-)