Friday, March 23, 2012

Funny Friday

For those of you who may not follow Mark on Facebook, I had to share our latest "Austin" story for a FUNNY Friday :-)  I was there, and I still crack up just reading about it...

As told by Mark:  Last night at church Austin was telling one of the teen girls about seeing the monster trucks and then talked about the "Cannon Lady" who they shot out of a cannon during the intermission. Here's his story (be sure to imagine his most country-talkin' lingo while reading {grins})...

Austin: Dis lady she climbed up a latter and when down a pipe and it razed up then bang it shot her out.

Teen girl:  Was she ok?

Austin: Nope, she be-ed dead. 

MARK:  Austin, she didn't die.  She got up out the net and the crowd cheered!

Austin: Dad, this is my story.

Obviously we have some work to do on our story telling discussions. ;-)