Monday, March 12, 2012

Katie's Art Entry | MHCS Art Fair

Katie has worked very diligently over the past 3 weeks on her "Peacock" artwork (colored pencil) that she wanted to enter into the MHCS Art Fair this year.  We were so proud of her and how much time she put into her artwork...and she was THRILLED to receive FIRST PLACE for her work!  Great job, Katie!!

{On a side note...since we chose to continue Katie in Kindergarten this last school year, to keep her a little closer to the kids her age in school, and to get her even better prepared for 1st grade, technically she could have competed in the Kindergarten level...which had less competition.  But, since we had been letting her take the 1st-2nd grade classes at MHCS, I chose to push her into the 1st-2nd grade level for the art fair, as well!} 

I love seeing my little artist work hard and constantly improve those art skills she has been blessed with!  We're so proud of you, Katie!